Merry Christmas, people!

(The cards are going to arrive late, again. Sorry. I almost gave up and skipped the whole thing... But they are finished now, and this is how they look like. Approximately.)

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Technically, this picture belongs to the previous post, too, because it was made for a birthday (a few months back) - but it has completely different tags, so I'm keeping it separate.

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No art, just an announcement

One of my (two) fic commissions from help_haiti is finished, so... Enjoy!

Title: Strange Bedfellows
Author: dentelle_noir
Prompt: Duo/Quatre, a get-together story, AU
Rating: Teen
Summary: Humans feared what they didn't understand. And no human had ever really understood him. After being chased out of town, there is no room for another in Quatre's heart, or in his bed, but a Minstrel is determined to open his eyes and force his way in if necessary.
Links: Part 1, part 2

(By the way - in this round of the auction, over $100,000 was donated to charities. That's pretty amazing.)