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"Cages" fanart

This picture was inspired by ryoko21's fiction Cages (which is really great and everybody should read it... well, everybody over 18 and liking slash... and not minding WIPs).

Quote from chapter 121 (the narrator is Heero; Master = Zechs):

In the far part of the barn I heard a kitten give a series of frightened mews and rolled my eyes, then went to retrieve the white kitten before it wandered into a stall. I wasn’t really worried that it would scare the horses, because by now they only found the kittens a mild annoyance, but that particular kitten had gotten into several near misses with the horses’ hooves when it innocently tried to befriend them. I retrieved it and replaced it in the nest, smiling as it playfully attacked one of its siblings the instant it was released from my hands.
“Kittens?” Master wondered as he entered the barn. “Where did they come from?”
“It seems a wildcat has taken up residency here. She had her kittens in one of the empty stalls a few weeks ago, but I just found them last week, when their eyes opened.”
“They’re cute,” Zechs admitted, extending his hand to pet the white one. It immediately latched on to his fingers, playfully biting him. Zechs wrestled with it for a moment before pulling his hand away with a chuckle. “I could buy some food for them, the next time I’m out,” Zechs offered. “Feeding them would do a lot in trying to keep them tame.”
“That would be nice,” I told him, watching as the little white one finally settled down to sleep between the brown and black ones, with the tabby and the orange forming their own bundle a few inches away from the others.

So this is Heero, spending some of his free time in the barn. 

Tags: gundam wing, watercolor pencils
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